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Cable Glands

Cable Glands

In order to attach the ends of a cable to an enclosure or directly to equipment, an industrial cable gland provides mechanical support, earth continuity and environmental protection. The materials used are plain brass or nickel plated brass, incorporating one or more rubber seals in order to provide an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

The type of gland termination should be consistent with the cable application for which the gland is being used. Industrial cable glands can be supplied in kit form comprising the gland, earth tag, lock nut and shroud.

This is a termination for flexible braided cables, Types SY, CY and rubber braided cable. The termination provides mechanical retention via anchoring of the braid providing electrical continuity.

BW Gland IP66
This is a gland termination for indoor applications for single wire galvanised steel armoured cable types BS 5467, BS 6622, BS 5308. The termination provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via the anchoring of the steel wire. Service temperature -20 C to + 90 C.

This is a gland termination for indoor and outdoor applications for single wire galvanised steel armoured cables, where there is a public safety consideration. Cable types BS 6724, BS 8519, BS 7846, BS 6387, BS 7835. The termination provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via the anchoring of the steel wire. Service temperature -20 C to + 90 C, the termination is weatherproof and waterproof.